Carbon Fibre Lacquering


What Is Carbon Fibre?

Carbon fibre, or carbon graphite as it is sometimes called, is a material normally woven into a "cloth" sheet. In this raw state, it doesn't yet have the integrity to make it a viable material to use for structural purposes. However, once moulded into the required shape and cured in an autoclave oven under immense atmospheric pressure, (where it becomes known as pre-preg carbon), it takes on a whole new set of properties, notably a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Despite the higher production costs, carbon fibre is generally favoured by the motorsport and aerospace industries, where its properties are the primary consideration. Here at Lustre Coatings, we are able to carefully apply a specialised lacquer to these newly produced parts, to achieve a perfect finish, making the part both UV resistant and waterproof. Under intended use, our lacquer will not crack, tarnish or fade, ensuring components maintain their aesthetic appeal for many years to come.