Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing


What Is Cabinet Refinishing?

Depending on the quality of a fitted kitchen, some cabinets are constructed using timber frames, with doors, drawers, and worktops attached. Cheaper kitchens use medium density fibreboard (MDF) which may be supplied painted, or with a vacuum-applied vinyl sheet finish, in order to keep the cost down. The vinyl sheet finish can be a plain colour, such as white or ivory, or can be patterned to give a wood-grain effect. The highest quality kitchen cabinets have doors of solid wood such as oak, beech, or pine. Cabinet Refinishing is similar to coating or painting any other substrate, in this case wood or laminated fibreboard. However the substrate does requires careful preparation, particularly laminated fibreboard. Key to ensuring the paint will adhere to the surface and will not crack or peel, is by applying a high quality etch primer. This is actually just one step in the meticulous multi-stage process we use, which results in an exceptionally high quality finish. The choices of colours and finishes available, make this an attractive option, when you consider the alternative of a replacement kitchen.